RR Veterinary - TOXELIM – B GOLD TM (Powder)


TOXELIM – B GOLD TM Powder is a unique combination of both herbal & synthetic actives that provides birds with complete nutrition during the growing and laying cycles while delivering complete hepato-protection to the birds. Best given as an additive to the feed.

TOXELIM – B GOLD TM (Powder) is a complete poultry health supplement which combines anti-toxin cum liver Stimulants, B-Complex vitamins, immuno-stimulants, anti stress vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. This combination ensures that the bird stays healthy and its productivity is not effected.

Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Liver extract, Tri-Choline Citrate, yeast extract, Inositol, Protein hydrolysate. Enzymes, Malt and Dextrose

  • Stimulates the liver and tackles the toxicity.
  • Improves immune system and relieves the bird from stress
  • Reduces early chick mortality
  • Improves FCR & Livability

Directions For Use:

  • Vitamins are packed separately in a pouch and provided with TOXELIM-B GOLD in order to safeguard their potency by preventing their oxidation. This further ensures maximum bioavailability of vital elements.
  • Mix the vitamins mixture with TOXELIM-B GOLD Powder thoroughly and prepare a uniform blend for use along with poultry feed.

Regular Dose:

Commercial Layers:                     250 g/MT of feed

Broilers & Broiler Breeders:      500g/MT of feed

Dose during productivity decline:

Commercial Layers:                    500 g/MT of feed

Broilers & Broiler Breeders:      1-1.5 Kg/MT of feed


10 kg triple laminated BOPP bag