Quitstress Aqua

RR Veterinary - Quitstress Aqua


“Quitstress Aqua”, protects the fish/ shrimp from the undesirable effects of stress, ranging from shortened life, low weight gain and eventually death that drain the money and renders poor ROI.

“Quitstress Aqua” is an ultimate stress buster too good to ignore……..

  • QUITSTRESS AQUA is a unique combination of Anti-stress vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, Natural extracts, Antitoxin cum liver stimulants, preservatives and Immunostimulants.
  • QUITSTRESS AQUA finetunes and strengthens immune system to fight against infectious/pathogenic diseases
  • QUITSTRESS AQUA relieves from deleterious effects of stressors that hamper the productivity.
  • QUITSTRESS AQUA improves livability & weight gain.
  • 10-30 ml/kg feed thrice a week


  • As suggested by the Aqua consultant.

Presentation: 1 Ltr HDPE Container

Presentation: 1 Litre & 5 Litre HDPE containers.