RR Veterinary - Ceesure


“An effective enhancer of immunity in Aquaculture”


  • One gram of CEESURE TM contains 500 mg of concentrated and coated form of vitamin C
  • CEESURE TM controls the stress by restoring the levels of ascorbate concentrations in tissues which enormously decreased due to the effect of stress factors (Stressors).
  • CEESURE TM helps in improving the growth rate by enhancing the digestion efficiency during very low or fluctuating pond water temperatures.
  • CEESURE TM promotes collagen synthesis in the fish/shrimp body and helps in quick/optimal wound repair.
  • CEESURE TM helps in the elimination of toxic effects of ammonia & other toxic gasses that gets accumulated in the pond under intensive aquaculture setup.
  • CEESURE TM supplementation in aquaculture promotes the growth of healthy brooders, facilitates proper sperm/egg formation and improves hatchability.
  • CEESURE TM promotes the development of embryo/ larvae and reduces early stage mortality in fish/shrimp.
  • CEESURE TM acts as a natural immunostimulant and activates phagocytes that control microbial attack and subsequent infections.
  • CEESURE TM acts as an excellent antioxidant. Oxidation of feed ingredients initiated by free radicals are terminated by reduction with ascorbic acid of CEESURE, as one electron is transferred to the free radical from the ascorbate anion the result being formation of the ascorbate radical.
  • CEESURE TM helps in retardation of lipid autoxidation, initiated by frre radicals such as superoxide radical (O2-‘), perhydroxyl radical (HO,’), hydroxyl radical (HO’) and singlet oxygen (O’).
  • 0.5 to 2.0  grams per kg of feed.During stress:
  • 3.0 gm per kg feed(or) as advised by Aquaculture consultant.

Presentation: 500g and 1 Kg HDPE containers.