RR Veterinary - Nutrinest


“Take that Extra Mile Advantage of Balanced Nutrition”


  • NUTRINEST is a complete health supplement that contains Vitamins*, Minerals, Aminoacids, Immuno stimulants, Herbal extracts and other bio actives.
  • NUTRINEST Provides balanced nutrition and thereby enhances growth and development of aquatic forms
  • NUTRINEST promotes proper digestion & absorption of nutrients from gut
  • NUTRINEST strengthens the immune system and prevents disease incidence.
  • NUTRINEST protects the health of hepatopancreas & prevents EMS in shrimps
  • NUTRINEST helps to combat moulting stress.
  • NUTRINEST finetunes body metabolism & improves FCR

Directions For Use:

  • Mix Vitamins (50 gms) thoroughly with the remaining portion (950 gms) of the NUTRINEST and use as recommended.


  • Powder:15-20gms/ Kg of feed.
  • Liquid:15-20ml/Kg of Feed  Or  As suggested by the Aqua Consultant


  • 1kg laminated HDPE Container,
  • 1 Litre & 5 Litres HDPE Container