RR Veterinary - ELIMINATOR


Eliminator is a pioneer in giving the poultry industry much sought after relief from Rats, that cause more unseen damage to Poultry than what meets the eye. Rats spread Salmonellosis by urinating and dropping in the feed, they act as carriers for a number of bacteria and virus. There is no other product in Indian poultry that has satisfied customers pan-India than Eliminator.

  • ELIMINATOR TM is best in class rat control product that achieves minimum 70-90% of rat mortality immediately after its first application.

Cost effectiveness:

Eliminator protects the farmer from huge losses due to feed damage by rat.

Approx. Feed consumption /bird in its life time Feed Loss Incurred @2%/bird Approx. Price per Kg Feed Amount spent on Eliminator package (4 times a year)
Broiler Breeders 64 Rs. 28.80 per bird Rs. 22.50 Rs. 2.40 per bird
Commercial Layers 42 Rs. 15.96 per bird Rs. 19.00 Rs. 1.20 per bird
Commercial Broiler 3.4 Rs. 2.14 per bird Rs. 31.50 Rs. 0.15 per bird

1 container + 150 bait stations are sufficient for a farm of 10000 Broiler breeders, 20000 Layers and 40000 Broilers (or) As suggested by the Veterinarian.

Directions for use:

  • Prepare bait by mixing ELIMINATOR powder thoroughly with 1litre attractant oil that is provided along with the pack
  • Place 150 to 170 g of bait inside the slots of each bait station
  • Place the bait stations in the farm as advised by our expert team.


25 kg MS Container.