RR Veterinary - LINEODX


Your dependable herbal feed supplement for improving growth performance in birds right from their early life. LINEODX effectively controls infections at subclinical levels and prevents diarrhea in layers during their initial stages of Egg Laying.

  • Aegle marmelos
  •  Ocimum sanctum
  •  Pongamia glabra (SE)
  •  Curcuma longa
  •  Emblica officinalis
  •  Terminalia belerica
  •  Terminalia chebula
  •  Preservative Q.S.


  • Controls wet droppings and vent pasting
  • Controls and prevents necrotic enteritis
  • Maintains the colonization of native and useful bacteria in intestines


  • Ensures flock uniformity.
  • Improves FCR and weight gain
  • Protects gut health by controlling diarrhea of unknown etiology


  • Regular dosage: 500 gm /Ton of feed/5-7days a month
  • Treatment dosage:1-1.5 kg /Ton of feed/5-7days a month

Commercial Layers & Broilers:

  • Regular dosage: 250 gm-500 gm /Ton of feed/5-7days a month
  • Treatment dosage:500 gm-1kg /Ton of feed/5-7days a month  (or)
  • As suggested by the Veterinarian


  • 5 kg Triple laminated metalized Pouches.