RR Veterinary - Oxyenrich


We understand that Oxygen is vital


  • OXYENRICH TM is a unique combination of Sodium per borate, adsorbents and de-odorizes and stabilizers with suitable carriers.
  • OXYENRICHTM improves and restores the levels of oxygen in the pond bottom.
  • OXYENRICHTM provides oxygen instantaneously and relieves the aquatic organisms from HYPOXIC stress.
  • OXYENRICHTM Prevents the growth of harmful & pathogenic microbes in pond environment
  • OXYENRICHTM promotes growth of microbes that take part in bioremediation and improves the pond environment.
  • OXYENRICHTM eliminates toxic gasses, bad odours and off-flavor from prom pond environment and promotes the healthy growth of shrimp, prawn and fish.
  • 500 gm per acre (or) As suggested by the Aqua Consultant.

Presentation: 1 Kg HDPE Container.