RR Veterinary - Planktomore


A Phytoplankton booster for the fish/shrimp pond from the Aquaculture vertical of RR Veterinary Health Care,(RRVHC), Planktomore  has an expanding list of satisfied clientele in the nutritional feed supplement  industry. A potent mix of naturally sourced bioactives , amino acid mix derived from milk proteins and minerals aims at enhancing the productivity for the owner……..

  • Combination of minerals, naturally sourced bioactives and amino acid mix that is derived from milk proteins.
  • PLANKTOMORE maintains pond ecosystem and promotes the growth of Phytoplankton.
  • PLANKTOMORE helps in flocculation of organic ions in pond by means of ionic complexation, chelation and polar adsorption and there by removes water turbidity.
  • PLANKTOMORE helps in stabilization of water temperature and increases dissolved oxygen levels.
  • PLANKTOMORE helps in the maintenance of water quality by lowering toxic substances such as ammonia, nitrites, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.
  • PLANKTOMORE enriches the soil condition and promotes the phytoplankton growth which acts as natural feed for growing fish/shrimp
  • PLANKTOMORE improves feed efficacy and promotes growth & survival rate in fish /shrimp.
  • 500ml – 1 Litre per acre  (Or)
  • As advised by Aqua consultant

Presentation: 1 Litre & 5 Litre HDPE containers.