RR Veterinary - poultry


Poultry industry has been in many parts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for many decades and the farmers in the industry have matured overtime. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh together form an important geographical region on the South Indian Poultry map. RR Veterinary Health Care Pvt. Ltd. in its current form and in its previous form as RR Health Care Pvt. Ltd. have been very successful in addressing the growing poultry  needs.

RRVHC Pvt. Ltd. has come into existence banking on the treasure of experience obtained from serving the ever evolving needs of poultry farmers and with a relentless drive to deliver quality. The company has presence across Aquaculture, Large animal and Sheep&Goat in addition to Poultry, which is the hallmark of companies willing to go the extra mile sensing the market requirement.

The company has introduced to the poultry market the first ever effective rodent control with virtually no replacement but ever increasing me too products by the day followed by an effective and improved remedy for toxicity, prolapsed and intussusceptions, stress reliever, etc.