Toxiclean Aqua

RR Veterinary - Toxiclean Aqua

Toxiclean Aqua

Provides An Unparalleled & Synergistic Protection from Toxic Insults

  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE is a synergistic blend of HSCAS (zeolite), Activated Charcoal MOS, Yucca, Organic Acids and Probiotics.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE reduces obnoxious gasses and provides stress free environment that supports the growth of aquatic organisms.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE effectively adsorbs mycotoxins and helps in their elimination.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE acts as a mould inhibitor and prevents the formation of mycotoxins.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE improves water quality by its high CEC and thereby enhances the healthy growth of fish/shrimp.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE further inactivates mycotoxins that are remained after elimination by HSCAS and MOS, by arresting them in the crevices of micropores present in Activated Charcoal.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE clears pond bottom by adsorbing and removal of wastes, bacteria and black soil from pond bottom.
  • TOXICLEAN AQUA FORTE is effective even in high ranges of salinity and pH

Feed Mixing:

  • Thoroughly mix 1-2 Kg per 100 Kg of feed

For pond preparation: 50 kg/ ha.

For use during culture period: 10-20 kg/ha depending on water depth in pond. (OR)

  • As suggested by Aquaculture consultant.