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Endowed with a coastline of 7,517 km and an extensive river and canal system spanning around 195.210 km, consisting of 14 major rivers, 44 medium rivers and numerous small rivers and streams, India offers huge potential for development in the segment of aquaculture. On the other hand, an additional production from 2.36 million hectares is contributed by aquaculture from pond and tank resources. Conversely the aquaculture production is constrained by lack of adequate resources to meet the feed requirements and farming management practices that eventually resulted in decreased quality production and profitability in recent times.

At RR Veterinary Health Care Private Limited, we understand the intensity of problems faced by aqua farming community and provide them with apt solutions that circumvent the issues pertaining to quality production. RR Veterinary Health Care Private Limited offers a wide range of products that prevail over other products being disseminated in the same arena, in terms of quality and service. Our speciality and innovative products are ecosafe, well tolerated, well formulated and destined to address the issues pertaining to water quality, disease resistance and control of mortality in aquatic species under culture.